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Life of Scams Don't get swindled by sweetheart scams
Equity Accelerator Why pay extra for free when you can pay to pay extra?
Reader's Digest Free gifts! Free free free!!!
SkyBiz FTC Takes Action Against Internet Pyramid Scheme
Forum Marketing Get a Free Computer with your legal services plan membership?
Priceline Founder Is "Continuous Service" for You?
Honorary Societies College Scholar or College Sucker?
Pacific Monarch Timeshare Solicitation to Avoid
Don't Fall for These
College Financial Aid
Services of America
  Lake Shastina
Free Electricity Natural Choice USA
Capital Choice
Consumer Credit
High-Tech Safety Payday Lenders
National Society of
Collegiate Scholars
Renscape Technologies
  Stock Pumpers
Complaint & Referral Services These sites can help you find good businesses, avoid bad businesses, and report or resolve problems you encounter.
Other Consumer Advisory Sites Links to other sites that track scams and issue consumer alerts
Attorneys General and Other Agencies Addresses, phone numbers, and links to Attorneys General and other government agencies in the U.S. and around the world.
Quackery How to tell bogus cures from legitimate treatments
telemarketers Stop Unwanted Telemarketing Calls
FTC Press Releases Official Actions
Internet Fraud Watch from the National Fraud Information Center
Telephone Area Codes links to various area code resources
First Premier Bank Save Your Credit, Avoid This Deal!
death industry Death Industry Ignores Consumer Protections
FTC Who's Afraid of the Living Trust?
Government Auctions FTC Charges More Companies Selling Auction Guides
Equinox Pyramid Scheme Finally Shut Down
Quilted Northern Smaller Toilet Paper Rolls Equal Higher Prices
Travel Certificates Do You Really Want a Vacation Venture?
Capital One Guess what this bank is best-known for?
America West Airline Continues to Flaunt Anti-Lottery Laws
Time Sharing Beware the Disappearing Prize
California Get Your Free Air Tokens!
Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Blamed for Effective Marketing Techniques
Internet Tool Box Tool Time Personality Endorses Get Rich Quick
Priceline Who gets the gold mine, who gets the shaft?
Online Bookstores Some customers offered better prices than others
Shopper Cards Results of Supermarket Pricing Survey Revealed
MCI MCI Changes Billing Practices to Settle Charges
Sprint & MCI Nickel a Minute Phone Rates Prove Elusive
Wade Cook Don't Let Wade Cook's "Financial Clinic" Lighten Your Wallet
The Telejunk Page [Wayback archive] Repeated Telemarketing Calls Can Earn You $$$
Pentagono New Warnings About Italian Chain Letter
VISA/MC Credit Card Crammers Charged by FTC
Infomercials Producers are found guilty, guilty, guilty!
Prosper International Tales of Financial Magic
Geneva Healthways Watch Out for Envelope Stuffing Schemes
Get Rich Quick Parodies of several scams
Chain Letters Your Chain Letter Featured on Cagey's Chain Gang
Automotive Products and Services Car problems, how to avoid them, car buying tips
Financial Services Beware bad deals on credit cards and other financial services.
Insurance How insurance companies rip consumers off
Multi-Level Marketing News and views about network marketing
Pyramid Schemes Make History Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, South Sea bubbles... They may demonstrate that a fool and his money are soon parted, but from time to time, they make world history. This is one of those times.
General Products and Services Scams relating to a variety of products and services
Telecom-Related Scams Scams relating to or perpetrated through telecommunication services
Travel Scams & Alerts Information about vacation certificates, travel clubs, etc.
Cagey Consumer Hall of Shame Businesses that have earned "special recognition"
On the Lighter Side have a laugh
WhatNot links of no particular significance
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